Android Gravatar Importer. Update your phone book with caller photos

I love Gravatar. So does Android now. Are you on Android? Do you care of having nice up-to-date photos of your callers? If yes, then you might check out this little new application (Search market for Gravatar Importer) which walks through your contacts and checks if any of them has a Gravatar picture online. OnceContinue reading “Android Gravatar Importer. Update your phone book with caller photos”

HTC Magic VS HTC Touch HD

I’ve been using my HTC touch HD for almost 2 months now, it’s about the same period of time my friend’s been using his brand new Android powered mobile phone, HTC Magic. Ever since we started using our new phones, we’ve been having several discussions trying to figure out which smartphone is worth the moneyContinue reading “HTC Magic VS HTC Touch HD”

9 free must-have apps to pimp your Android phone

The Android platform is gaining popularity every day and so are its applications. More and more applications are being added and keeping track of them can be really difficult. Especially if you are looking for apps which are useful and not only fun. I have been using my Android (HTC Magic) for almost 3 monthsContinue reading “9 free must-have apps to pimp your Android phone”

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