When to use MongoDB or another document oriented database system?

We are building a platform for comparing websites on a detailed level. We are using MongoDB to store all the information and it works quite nicely. We use it to store all meta-information of the domains, because MongoDB better fits the requirements. For example: We retrieve different kind of data for every domain so IContinue reading “When to use MongoDB or another document oriented database system?”

Lessons learned for large MongoDB databases

We are currently developing a system which wants to analyze all the domains in the internet. This is a really challenging task and not easily done in a few months time. Besides loads of problems, like finding so many domains and parsing them in a reasonable amount of time we also implement a MongoDB clusterContinue reading “Lessons learned for large MongoDB databases”

Role Based Access Control in ASP.Net MVC

Currently I am looking at access control systems, and how best to integrate them with ASP.Net MVC framework. While this framework already provides support for role based access control (RBAC), using the membership classes. I need to implement this on a legacy database, and some how integrate the old system with asp.net forms authentication. ThisContinue reading “Role Based Access Control in ASP.Net MVC”

FluentNhibernate and Stored Procedures

I am evaluating FluentNHibernate (FNH), to see if it is suitable for a project I am working on. Disappointingly, FNH does not support Store procedures of the box. Of course, FNH is under the BSD licence, so I am sure those who are confident enough can implement this for the rest of us! This postContinue reading “FluentNhibernate and Stored Procedures”

Looking for the perfect job? Looking for the best developers?

As an active user of Stackoverflow I came across their new career service. It’s brand new and their vision is to find the perfect employer for each developer. Pretty good idea I think. STO has a lot of bright brains, which can be a huge profit for corporations looking for great staff. Amongst other jobContinue reading “Looking for the perfect job? Looking for the best developers?”

Testing code changes, bugfixes, new features, …

When you implement a new feature somewhere, when you change just some bits of your code, when you fix a bug, or you just change a common text in an app… What do you do afterwards? Do you really check the result or do you trust yourself that it works fine 100%. It is anContinue reading “Testing code changes, bugfixes, new features, …”

Flex Style Introspection

If you have ever used the Flex introspection method describeType(), you certainly have noticed it doesn’t output any style metadata. The only way I found so far was to instantiate the UIComponent type I’m looking at and call the function regenerateStyleCache(false). The entire list of available styles is then accessible via the properties inheritingStyles andContinue reading “Flex Style Introspection”

Publishing Flex applications to Google Code SVN repository

I’ve been struggling with this one a couple of times, so I thought I should share how I solved it. Problem: You are hosting or contributing to an open-source project on code.google.com using SVN as source control. You would like share Flex applications (and View Source) by accessing their public SVN URL. Applications pages (HTML)Continue reading “Publishing Flex applications to Google Code SVN repository”

bit.ly, tinyurl & co. Does the planet really needs short URLs?

Over the last couple of years I was wondering almost everyday why the hell someone would want to use a short URL. Although I consider myself as a geek, freak & nerd I’ve never had the desire to create a short URL. Why? Maybe it’s laziness 🙂 Maybe I am not web 2.0 enough… However,Continue reading “bit.ly, tinyurl & co. Does the planet really needs short URLs?”

Ruby Development Toolkit for Eclipse IDE | RDT

I’ve been looking into Ruby and Rails recently since I deployed Redmine at my company to support our software development projects. For those who don’t know Redmine, this is a great piece of open-source software, offering a complete web collaborative solution for project management including source control, wiki, issues tracking, ldap authentication… Today, I justContinue reading “Ruby Development Toolkit for Eclipse IDE | RDT”

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