New WHOIS tool to get structured whois information for a domain released

During the development of our WebPageAnalyse project we wanted to give users the ability to find WHOIS information for any domain they like. I tend to do WHOIS for a domain on a regular basis to check who is the owner of a site, i.e. if I need to contact them if they put upContinue reading “New WHOIS tool to get structured whois information for a domain released”

hurl: Simple service to initiate HTTP requests and trace its response

Ever needed to examine a response for a given request? Here we go! hurl is a neat and simple web based service which allows us to initiate a customized HTTP request and presents the resulting response in a nicely formatted manner. Free, responsive and several configuration options. This is how Chris and Leah – theContinue reading “hurl: Simple service to initiate HTTP requests and trace its response”

Your daily personalized RSS magazine

Today I found what I was looking for quite a while now: A magazine-like feed reader. Tabbloid (from HP!!!) is an online tool which lets you subscribe to your favorite feeds and delivers them bundled as a PDF magazine right to your mailbox. Its up to you if you want it daily or weekly. TheContinue reading “Your daily personalized RSS magazine”

What’s new in Rails 2.1?

If you want to know what’s new in Rails 2.1 or think that you may have missed a new feature, you should check out the e-book “Ruby on Rails 2.1. What’s new?“. There are all new features described with an example. It’s quite amazing to see how rails evolves. btw: did you know that thereContinue reading “What’s new in Rails 2.1?”

Let your users vote on feature requests

Did you ever run a popular website or serivce/product? If yes, then you know how hard it can be to discover which new features your users want. Collecting all the requests, giving response and analyzing which requests are most popular. All those tasks require a lot of organization and take some time. UserVoice offers aContinue reading “Let your users vote on feature requests”

RSS feed for websites without RSS

Did you ever wanted to stay up to date with websites/pages which actually don’t offer any feed(s)? Yeah me too! is our life saver. It let us subscribe to any webpage and thus monitor all its changes. I love it! my sleepless nights are gone now, cause i know i won’t miss anything anymoreContinue reading “RSS feed for websites without RSS”

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