3 Easy steps to scanning files for viruses in MVC (and for free)

Well it’s been a while since I wrote something here, but now I came across something useful and worth sharing. In a few projects I work on, users upload content to share online. Now while we have virus scanners running, they only scan files saved on disk. I needed to figure out a better wayContinue reading “3 Easy steps to scanning files for viruses in MVC (and for free)”

Cardiff NHS hack day or (weekend) and Bcon.cc

I have finally got a little time to sit down and talk about my experience of the NHS hack day in Cardiff last month, organised by Anne Marie Cunningham. Hack days are brilliant for putting Developers, Designers and Domain Experts together in one space to come up with solutions to solve real world problems. IContinue reading “Cardiff NHS hack day or (weekend) and Bcon.cc”

Role Based Access Control in ASP.Net MVC

Currently I am looking at access control systems, and how best to integrate them with ASP.Net MVC framework. While this framework already provides support for role based access control (RBAC), using the membership classes. I need to implement this on a legacy database, and some how integrate the old system with asp.net forms authentication. ThisContinue reading “Role Based Access Control in ASP.Net MVC”

picnik comes with a free-to-use image editing API for your website

Ever heard from Picnik? It allows you editing your images direclty within your browser. Forget Adobe Photoshop 🙂 Picnik has been around for a while now but recently it started to offer its service for the public. for free! I played around a bit and must say that it is amazing .. Use it withinContinue reading “picnik comes with a free-to-use image editing API for your website”

C# tips, tricks and things you should know

During my previous holidays (i have to admit 1.5 months surfing in portugal) I had some literature with me which also included the book Programming .net components released with O’Reilly. It talks about the aspects of components in general and provides good examples how to achieve those in .net. Although these pages are a veryContinue reading “C# tips, tricks and things you should know”

8 Reasons to Stick with ASP 3.0 in 2006 (and 2007)

Today I was browsing through the microsoft.­public.­inetserver.­asp.­general newsgroup and found a nice article linked within a topic where people are talking about classic ASP and its brother .net. The article outlines 8 reasons to stick with the good old classic ASP … Unfortunately I cannot really figure out when the article was written but iContinue reading “8 Reasons to Stick with ASP 3.0 in 2006 (and 2007)”

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