Cardiff NHS hack day or (weekend) and

I have finally got a little time to sit down and talk about my experience of the NHS hack day in Cardiff last month, organised by Anne Marie Cunningham. Hack days are brilliant for putting Developers, Designers and Domain Experts together in one space to come up with solutions to solve real world problems. IContinue reading “Cardiff NHS hack day or (weekend) and”

Launched with ajaxed: Tourmandu – Platform for local tour guides

I proudly announce the launch of a new project developed with ajaxed – yes with classic asp :). It’s a platform for everyone who wants to show tourists/visitors around in his/her hometown and earn some pocket money. Let’s face this: You are a student and love to get in touch with people from around theContinue reading “Launched with ajaxed: Tourmandu – Platform for local tour guides”

Let your users vote on feature requests

Did you ever run a popular website or serivce/product? If yes, then you know how hard it can be to discover which new features your users want. Collecting all the requests, giving response and analyzing which requests are most popular. All those tasks require a lot of organization and take some time. UserVoice offers aContinue reading “Let your users vote on feature requests”

Basic Reporting for your web applications

Vitamin has released a nice post called Pragmatic reporting for your web apps. The article outlines which figures could be interesting to analyze and briefly describes how to aggregate all this data into one dashboard. This information can help find future decisions more easier. It reminds me of the when I and Fab ran theContinue reading “Basic Reporting for your web applications”

Do you know why you want to be a developer?

because you could have a lead developer like her …. 😉 So guys work hard and maybe you can join the pownce development team. There is just one question: could you really concentrate on your code? Btw pownce is a brand new community which allows you to share files amongst your friends or even theContinue reading “Do you know why you want to be a developer?”

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