Recommendation for classic ASP fans/gurus

Today I’ve found a nice site where someone called Fabio Zendhi Nagao is blogging a lot about classic asp. Nice to see it’s not only me who is still dealing with that technology 🙂 Just recently he has started an interesting series of advanced articles talking about Microsofts legacy scripting technology: 1. ASP, a misinterpretedContinue reading “Recommendation for classic ASP fans/gurus”

Cool way of creating arrays in ASP (VBScript) – advanced

It’s a small function which I will introduce today but very useful. When working recently on ajaxed i discovered that its often possible to pass an array or a primitive type as an argument to a function. Lets say you have a function println(msg) which prints out its argument as a line to the screen.Continue reading “Cool way of creating arrays in ASP (VBScript) – advanced”

picnik comes with a free-to-use image editing API for your website

Ever heard from Picnik? It allows you editing your images direclty within your browser. Forget Adobe Photoshop 🙂 Picnik has been around for a while now but recently it started to offer its service for the public. for free! I played around a bit and must say that it is amazing .. Use it withinContinue reading “picnik comes with a free-to-use image editing API for your website”

using gravatar in classic ASP

A gravatar is a globally recognized avatar, which means that your avatar is stored in one place and it will appear on several websites, blogs, forums (which support gravatars). Whenever you change your avatar it will be updated on your existing comments, forum posts, etc. It’s a great service! Now if you know what aContinue reading “using gravatar in classic ASP”

ASP JSON utility class 1.4 released

I did check all your comments on the JSON utility class and fixed the existing bugs. The new changes are available in version 1.4 which is available for download now. I really appreciate your help by posting your comments and solutions. Most of them have been considered in the new version. Have fun and pleaseContinue reading “ASP JSON utility class 1.4 released”

ajaxed: Calling server side VBScript procedures from client side (equivalent to PHP xajax)

My last post (about an ASP RSS component) included a demonstration which made use of a cool ajax technique simply called “ajaxed”. See the demonstration here again. If you play around you will recognize that there is no conventional postback and AJAX is up in here 😉 I have developed a small “library” which easilyContinue reading “ajaxed: Calling server side VBScript procedures from client side (equivalent to PHP xajax)”

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