3 Easy steps to scanning files for viruses in MVC (and for free)

Well itโ€™s been a while since I wrote something here, but now I came across something useful and worth sharing. In a few projects I work on, users upload content to share online. Now while we have virus scanners running, they only scan files saved on disk. I needed to figure out a better wayContinue reading “3 Easy steps to scanning files for viruses in MVC (and for free)”

Role Based Access Control in ASP.Net MVC

Currently I am looking at access control systems, and how best to integrate them with ASP.Net MVC framework. While this framework already provides support for role based access control (RBAC), using the membership classes. I need to implement this on a legacy database, and some how integrate the old system with asp.net forms authentication. ThisContinue reading “Role Based Access Control in ASP.Net MVC”

FluentNhibernate and Stored Procedures

I am evaluating FluentNHibernate (FNH), to see if it is suitable for a project I am working on. Disappointingly, FNH does not support Store procedures of the box. Of course, FNH is under the BSD licence, so I am sure those who are confident enough can implement this for the rest of us! This postContinue reading “FluentNhibernate and Stored Procedures”

Top three C# questions on stackoverflow you should read

Here is a list of questions which I (!!) consider as TOP 3 C# (Visual Studio) questions (although the answers are probably the most interesting) on stackoverflow. Yes, I do love STO ๐Ÿ™‚ Hidden Features of C# Visual Studio Optimizations Which C#/.Net blogs do you read? If you need more see the most voted C#Continue reading “Top three C# questions on stackoverflow you should read”

Create a multi languaged domain model with NHibernate and C#

Recently I’ve been developing an enterprise asp.net application with NHibernate which was required to fully support multi language (localization) on UI side as well as on data side. Whereas the former is easily implemented with .net resources the latter is not that straightforward as it seems. That articles talks about it and the solution IContinue reading “Create a multi languaged domain model with NHibernate and C#”

C# tips, tricks and things you should know

During my previous holidays (i have to admit 1.5 months surfing in portugal) I had some literature with me which also included the book Programming .net components released with O’Reilly. It talks about the aspects of components in general and provides good examples how to achieve those in .net. Although these pages are a veryContinue reading “C# tips, tricks and things you should know”

Singelton application with C#

A singelton application is an application which only allows running one instance of itself per machine. e.g. Microsoft Outlook is a singelton application. Everytime the user starts the application it will check if an instance is already running. If its not running it will launch it otherwise it will focus to the current one. HereContinue reading “Singelton application with C#”

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