profile6 “I am a 28 years old guy from Austria (born in Poland) who is into web development for about 10 years now. Finished studying commercial information technology on the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and currently working at Siemens, Bangkok as a .net developer. My intension to blog is primary to share my ideas, thoughts and experience with others. Furthermore my English has to get better 😉 Another reason is classic ASP. Because of my past and recent customers I had to deal a lot with it. As there are still whole bunch of classic ASP apps in use I want to cover this topic here as well.

However, my interests in the field of programming are not language specific at all. I don’t really care much with what you write your programs as long as you care about the underlying techniques and know what you are doing and why.

“It’s not the paintbrush, it’s the artist.”

It’s because I don’t want to end up in never ending religious discussions about whether coding in Java, C#, Python, Ruby or even C++ looks nicer. We all have seen good and bad in all languages. Let’s focus on development instead.

Besides coding I love to surf the beaches, ski, enjoy listening to all kinds of music, travel the world, read books and meet my buddies… And last but not least serve humanity”

Michal Gabrukiewicz, Vienna

Want to hire me?


10 thoughts on “Michal

  1. Hello I was looking for an ASP function to create JSON data. Came across your site, and saw you may be looking for Pownce invites, I have some, let me know and I’ll hook you up.



  2. Hi Michal!!!, sorry for a not very relacionate question. I want to know what’s your opinion about buyng shares of DO & CO and about the future proyection of DO & CO.

    Congrats for DO & CO web, very nice.


  3. Hi,

    I like your JSON library. I’m doing a lot of work integrating JScript with VBScript, and this will really help.

    The documentation you have says it was generated with GabLibrary Documentor. I googled for that and couldn’t find anything. Is that something you guys made or can I get it somewhere? If not, do you have any other suggestions for VBScript documentation generation? I’m using JSDoc-Toolkit (http://jsdoc-toolkit.org/) for JavaScript, and I tried VBDOX (http://vbdox.sourceforge.net/) but couldn’t get it to run automated.




  4. Nice work on ASP … I knew there were still some ASP developers out there!

    ASP when programmed correctly is capable of everything all the other languages including .Net and .Php … I wonder why people abandoned it so quickly.

    .Net is such a PITA to program in … and PHP is a mess. I just don’t get it 🙂


  5. hi,

    can you tell me which editor/development environment you use for developing classic asp?

    i am still using textpad which is quite ok but it becomes a bit complicated now that we have hundreds of asp pages…

    so i am looking for a (free) development environment which at least has code completition for asp built in objects and perhaps even for classes/objects which i have written by myself.

    btw good work this “ajaxed”



  6. martin ive been using homesite for years now. its been the best one for ASP in my opinion. lightweight and best code highlighting.. also it supports completion for built in asp objects. the only problem with HS is that its not being supported anymore and there is a bug with UTF8 in it.
    Recently i have tried ultraedit and am loving it so far. could configure it as i need to and was able to setup the colorcoding as in homesite.
    if u do a lot with asp i would recommend it to u .. especially if u using ajaxed as i have already extensions for it which will support ajaxed development with ultraedit.
    greets from krabi


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