I currently work as a freelancer for whatever great comes up. I also work in a little start up where we do website analysis software. We power sites like PagesLike, a tool which enables you to find similar websites easily, or we provide web site statistics for WebInformationService which is a site you can use to analyze the traffic flow of almost any website on the web.

Our latest release is high advanced website analytics tool called WebPageAnalyse which you can use to freely analyze any website on the planet.

When it comes to programming I like to do web-development (of course). I’m currently digging deeper into the rich-client applications area, especially with Java. I really enjoy working with frameworks so I always watch out for the newest versions and what’s new and hot in this area.
My latest toy is the Scala language! I really love it.

My hobbies are the PC with all it’s aspects, and for recreation I like to read and exercise (jogging, basketball, racing bike and Tai-Chi which I do at the Dao-Schule-Göttingen.

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