Originating from Zimbabwe, I have finally landed up in Wales, (next door to England). I moved to UK to pursue studies, as I could not afford to study in South Africa. I was working on the mines out in the bush, and quickly began to realise the importance of computers. On the mines I started learning everything I could about computers, and got my first computer when I was 19, it was a Pentium 166Mhz with MMX.

Right now I’m in the crazy uncertain world of Start ups. Hope to make something big (and good) happen.

A little bit about me

One thought on “Dave

  1. I’m trying to keep the Ajaxed.org project alive and going. I was wondering if you had the site code so I can restore the references and tutorials that were available. I’d hate to see a wonderful (and still used) project fade off into the sunset.


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