Recommendation for classic ASP fans/gurus

Today I’ve found a nice site where someone called Fabio Zendhi Nagao is blogging a lot about classic asp. Nice to see it’s not only me who is still dealing with that technology 🙂 Just recently he has started an interesting series of advanced articles talking about Microsofts legacy scripting technology: 1. ASP, a misinterpretedContinue reading “Recommendation for classic ASP fans/gurus”, tinyurl & co. Does the planet really needs short URLs?

Over the last couple of years I was wondering almost everyday why the hell someone would want to use a short URL. Although I consider myself as a geek, freak & nerd I’ve never had the desire to create a short URL. Why? Maybe it’s laziness 🙂 Maybe I am not web 2.0 enough… However,Continue reading “, tinyurl & co. Does the planet really needs short URLs?”

Read error messages, understand them and write your own

Over the past years I have seen that many developers don’t really read error messages nor do they try to understand them. That’s not a good thing! Error messages are here to help us find the problem. Each error tells us exactly what’s wrong. Instead of trying to think what the interpreter/compiler tries to tellContinue reading “Read error messages, understand them and write your own”

First Jelly in Bangkok

As I am currently chilling (and working) in Bangkok I have decided to bring the Jelly into that great metropolis. Jelly is a semi-weekly work-together, and you’re invited! The first session two weeks ago was definitely a successful event. Locals and expats were joining and sharing all kind of stories. Apart from development talk theContinue reading “First Jelly in Bangkok”

Ruby Development Toolkit for Eclipse IDE | RDT

I’ve been looking into Ruby and Rails recently since I deployed Redmine at my company to support our software development projects. For those who don’t know Redmine, this is a great piece of open-source software, offering a complete web collaborative solution for project management including source control, wiki, issues tracking, ldap authentication… Today, I justContinue reading “Ruby Development Toolkit for Eclipse IDE | RDT”

How to render HTML in

Update: see latest article Publishing Flex applications to Google Code SVN repository If you are hosting or contributing to an open-source project on using SVN as source control, there is small trick to render .html source files as HTML and not raw text (default). Make sure you set the following SVN property for eachContinue reading “How to render HTML in”

Style binding support for custom Flex components

I’ve been developing a lot of custom Flex components recently using Degrafa, and too many times got frustrated at the fact that Flex only supports inline binding for CSS style attributes. Besides that, the only way to listen to style changes is to override: UIComponent.styleChanged(prop:String):void I was finally happy to find out that Josh alreadyContinue reading “Style binding support for custom Flex components”

Your daily personalized RSS magazine

Today I found what I was looking for quite a while now: A magazine-like feed reader. Tabbloid (from HP!!!) is an online tool which lets you subscribe to your favorite feeds and delivers them bundled as a PDF magazine right to your mailbox. Its up to you if you want it daily or weekly. TheContinue reading “Your daily personalized RSS magazine”

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