3 Easy steps to scanning files for viruses in MVC (and for free)

Well it’s been a while since I wrote something here, but now I came across something useful and worth sharing. In a few projects I work on, users upload content to share online. Now while we have virus scanners running, they only scan files saved on disk. I needed to figure out a better wayContinue reading “3 Easy steps to scanning files for viruses in MVC (and for free)”

Cardiff NHS hack day or (weekend) and Bcon.cc

I have finally got a little time to sit down and talk about my experience of the NHS hack day in Cardiff last month, organised by Anne Marie Cunningham. Hack days are brilliant for putting Developers, Designers and Domain Experts together in one space to come up with solutions to solve real world problems. IContinue reading “Cardiff NHS hack day or (weekend) and Bcon.cc”

New WHOIS tool to get structured whois information for a domain released

During the development of our WebPageAnalyse project we wanted to give users the ability to find WHOIS information for any domain they like. I tend to do WHOIS for a domain on a regular basis to check who is the owner of a site, i.e. if I need to contact them if they put upContinue reading “New WHOIS tool to get structured whois information for a domain released”

When to use MongoDB or another document oriented database system?

We are building a platform for comparing websites on a detailed level. We are using MongoDB to store all the information and it works quite nicely. We use it to store all meta-information of the domains, because MongoDB better fits the requirements. For example: We retrieve different kind of data for every domain so IContinue reading “When to use MongoDB or another document oriented database system?”

Lessons learned for large MongoDB databases

We are currently developing a system which wants to analyze all the domains in the internet. This is a really challenging task and not easily done in a few months time. Besides loads of problems, like finding so many domains and parsing them in a reasonable amount of time we also implement a MongoDB clusterContinue reading “Lessons learned for large MongoDB databases”

How to do a deployment pipeline in jenkins

On our current project we are aiming to reach that goal of continuos delivery. There are a lot of things you need to get right to achieve that but one of the more important ones is a functional deployment build pipeline where a defined version of the source code is being built and pushed throughContinue reading “How to do a deployment pipeline in jenkins”

Role Based Access Control in ASP.Net MVC

Currently I am looking at access control systems, and how best to integrate them with ASP.Net MVC framework. While this framework already provides support for role based access control (RBAC), using the membership classes. I need to implement this on a legacy database, and some how integrate the old system with asp.net forms authentication. ThisContinue reading “Role Based Access Control in ASP.Net MVC”

FluentNhibernate and Stored Procedures

I am evaluating FluentNHibernate (FNH), to see if it is suitable for a project I am working on. Disappointingly, FNH does not support Store procedures of the box. Of course, FNH is under the BSD licence, so I am sure those who are confident enough can implement this for the rest of us! This postContinue reading “FluentNhibernate and Stored Procedures”

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